Edmonton Public Schools Ventilation and avoiding a Freeze up

School site checks during winter break

Risk of freezing schools

CUPE 474 suggests that Custodial Leadership in each site have a conversation with their supervisor to determine if there needs to be someone to check your site over the Christmas Break, this would be even if you have a boiler below 750 kW. There is a five and a half day break between December 24 and December 30 and hopefully it’s warm every day, but if it becomes very cold, pipes could freeze causing some unwelcome water damage

As always, any emergency repairs outside of normal hours of work should be reported to Division Security so that actions can be taken immediately. ( 780 429 8295 )

Ventilation system

During winter break, custodial staff require the ventilation systems to be operational during the work day.  Outside of winter break, custodial staff should be made aware of when air handling systems are regularly programmed to operate so that they can properly assess when manual intervention may be necessary

There are two ways to make the fans come on to provide ventilation in your school.

  • Contact Facilities Maintenance to schedule the fans to be on during the hours that Custodial staff are working during the break.
  • The manual override button( if you don’t know how contact Facilities Maintenance.)