Areas to Clean within Edmonton Schools

We always recommend following the direction of your supervisor, none the less,

some of our Members at Edmonton Public Schools have asked what kind of work we could do now that there are no students around. We have prepared a list of suggested things that could be considered for work in the coming days.


Light fixtures                    dust inside and out

wash lens covers if needed

change burnt out lights

High Dusting                    dust or vacuum metal beams, tops of door frames

maps, screens, speakers, clocks

tops of smart/white boards and bulletin boards

and wash high shelves including the top

Windows                        wash, remove tape, sticky tack and any foreign matter

Drapery/Blinds                 vacuum and or dust

Walls                              wash, remove staples, tape, sticky tack and marks

Coat/Boot racks              wash, dust, remove tape, sticky tack etc.

Shelves                            wash and remove stickers, dust, move books to clean shelves

Desks, tables                    wash tops, trays, legs, underneath and remove marks, tape, stickers, gum etc.

Chairs                             wash seats, backs, legs, underneath, remove marks, tape, stickers etc.

Computer carts               dust and wash

Computers                      clean equipment and monitors

Telephones                     wash receivers and keys

White boards                   wash and remove sticky tack, wash metal frame

Bulletin boards                 remove all staples and wash metal frames

Smart boards                    wash (use glass cleaner) and surrounding framing, clean chalk ledges, clean brushes

Doors and frames             wash and remove tape, sticky tack. Clean glass around doors. Polish, clean knobs and handles, kick plates and hinges

Sinks/water fountains       wash, remove hard water marks

Light switches                  wash

Garbage/Recycle bins       wash inside and out

Baseboards                      wash, remove staples and tape

Carpets/area rugs             vacuum and remove staples, gum, tape and stains

Floors                              sweep, vacuum including corners, remove tape and stickers

Please feel free to contact your Union office if you have any questions.

Thanks, stay safe

CUPE 474