Election Results

Election Results
Operation Friendship Seniors Society
General Vice President
Filsan Ali-Elected
Salvation Army
General Vice President
Luz Jones-Elected

GVP Election June 6

OFSS and Salvation Army General Vice President Elections
Monday, June 6, 7am-7pm at CUPE Local 474 office (10989-124 Street)
Operation Friendship Seniors Society-Candidates:
Filsan Ali
Jagdishwar Singh
Salvation Army-Candidates
Luz Jones
Arif Khan
Edmonton Public Schools
No candidates nominated. An election will be held at a future date to be announced.

CUPE Local 474 Elections

Elections for the following positions to be held at CUPE Local 474 General Meeting on June 11, 2022:


Executive Vice President (Two-year term)

Treasurer (Two-year term)

Chief Shop Steward (Two-year term)

Social Convenor (One year term)

Executive Board Members (3 positions) (One year term)

Trustee (Three-year term)

Trustee (Two-year term)

Trustee (One year term)






Elections for General Vice Presidents-Monday June 6, 2022 7am-7 pm

At CUPE Local 474 office (10989-124 Street)

The following bargaining units will elect a general Vice President:

Edmonton Public Schools

Operation Friendship Seniors Society

Salvation Army

Eligibility for Office
Our bylaws statement on eligibly for a member to run for office:
Any members in good standing from their bargaining unit are eligible to run.
Nominations, Ties, and Scrutineers
Nominations will be open for these positions on May 22 and would have to be submitted to the office electronically;
• The office would contact those that are nominated and ask if they want their name to stand and then confirm if they meet the election criteria for the position they are nominated for.
• A list of Nominated peoples’ names would be on the website and on Facebook. You would also see the nominees’ names when you came to the office to vote.
• Results of the election would be published on the website and on Facebook page by the Wednesday, June 8, 2022.
• If there is a tie vote, we would have no other option other than to have another election for that position, on a different day that has yet to be determined.
• You do not have to be in town to be nominated, however, you do have to be in town (in person) to vote.
• Nominated candidates that request a scrutineer would have to contact the office so that this could be arranged.
Elections Procedures are as follows;
General Vice President
Nominations by Thursday June 2 at 3 pm and must be sent to admin@cupe474.com by the above deadline. The email nomination must include:
• Full name of the member that is nominating.
• Full name of member being nominated.
• Position or positions that the member is nominated for.
Candidates’ names will be posted by 4 pm on Friday June 3 on CUPE Local 474 website and the CUPE 474 Facebook page. The CUPE 474 Facebook page will not be used to promote any candidate, personal campaign info posted will be removed.
Monday, June 6, 7am-7pm-General Vice Presidents elections at CUPE Local 474 office (10989-124 Street)

Custodial hours-EPSB-Winter Break

EPSB schedule over the winter break.
December 20-Working day
December 21-Working day
December 22-Working day
December 23-Working day
December 24-Holiday-day off (1/2 day for Christmas Eve and the Division has informed us that the 1/2 day for New Year’s Eve will be added to this day)
December 27-Holiday-day off (Day in lieu-Christmas)
December 28-Holiday-day off (Day in lieu-Boxing Day)
December 29-Working day
December 30-Working day
December 31-Holiday-day off (Day in lieu-New Years)