March for What Matters Feb 27

CUPE 474 is encouraging all Members to Participate in this event.  Bring your Friends!  Show the Government we care about public services:

March for What Matters; February 27, 2020 at 3:31pm – 5:30pm

Start at the Convention Centre 9797 Jasper Ave at 3:31 PM and March to the

Alberta Legislature   10800 97 Ave NW

This is an opportunity for individuals across all public sector professions to unite together against the Premier’s relentless and ruthless sweeping cuts to what Albertan’s need most. Take a stand against the privatization of Alberta’s public services.

Since this government took office unemployment has increased while the quality of public services in our province has decreased, and a number of our public services have made steady moves towards privatization or being eliminated entirely.

Please join us as we march from the Edmonton Convention Center to the front of the Legislature Building and make our voices heard. After our work day finishes, let’s stand alongside fellow Albertans to stand up for what is right: EQUITABLE access to QUALITY public services.

For those willing and able to march, please meet at the upper entrance to the convention center at 3:31 pm to begin our march to the Legislature steps (actual parade route to be posted closer to the march/rally).

For those who wish to participate but are unable to join in the march, please join us at the Legislature steps between 4:00-4:15pm.

Red has been a colour worn to represent the passion people have for public education. To show unity on this march everyone is invited to wear red. Let’s make them not only hear us but see us coming too. Wear red!!

EPSB Education Opportunities

February 18
  • Technology Overview for Custodial Staff (Level 1)
  • Supervision & Evaluation for Head Custodians, Charge Hands & Spare Custodians
  • Team Building: Working with Different Approaches to Conflict
  • Dynamics of Conflict: End the Drama
  • Taking the Mystery out of Conflict and Moving to Assertiveness
  • First Aid – Metro Continuing Education*
  • Navigating Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace – Metro Continuing Education*
  • Dealing with Depression and Anxiety – Metro Continuing Education*


February 28
  • Air Quality and Air Handling Systems in Schools
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Systems in Schools
  • Custodial Assistants – Joint Use Agreement: Community Rental Groups
  • Navigating the Job Application Process
  • Health and Safety Roles and Responsibilities and Working Alone

Apply through Edmonton Public Schools



Edmonton Public Schools Ventilation and avoiding a Freeze up

School site checks during winter break

Risk of freezing schools

CUPE 474 suggests that Custodial Leadership in each site have a conversation with their supervisor to determine if there needs to be someone to check your site over the Christmas Break, this would be even if you have a boiler below 750 kW. There is a five and a half day break between December 24 and December 30 and hopefully it’s warm every day, but if it becomes very cold, pipes could freeze causing some unwelcome water damage

As always, any emergency repairs outside of normal hours of work should be reported to Division Security so that actions can be taken immediately. ( 780 429 8295 )

Ventilation system

During winter break, custodial staff require the ventilation systems to be operational during the work day.  Outside of winter break, custodial staff should be made aware of when air handling systems are regularly programmed to operate so that they can properly assess when manual intervention may be necessary

There are two ways to make the fans come on to provide ventilation in your school.

  • Contact Facilities Maintenance to schedule the fans to be on during the hours that Custodial staff are working during the break.
  • The manual override button( if you don’t know how contact Facilities Maintenance.)







White Ribbon Campaign 2019

November 20, 2019

CUPE Local 474 would like you to be aware that the White Ribbon Campaign will run from November 25th to December 6th, 2019. This year marks the 22st year that CUPE Local 474 has worked in conjunction with Edmonton Public Schools on this campaign.

The White Ribbon is worn to show your support on ending violence against women.

Thank you for your support in ending violence against women.