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Dear Friends

July 15, 2020

CUPE 474 will be holding in person elections throughout July and August, the times for each election and nomination is below.

Please be advised that the criteria to run for General Vice President, Executive Board Member or 3 Year Trustee is one year of service and to be in good standing within your bargaining unit.

UPDATE: We have received communication from CUPE National President Mark Hancock that all Locals are now directed to count the 3 meetings (April, May and June) towards member’s election eligibility.

The following members are in good standing, for more than a year, and have met the criteria to run for an Executive Officer position of either Executive Vice President, Treasurer, or Chief Shop Steward by attending a minimum of 2 (with credit for the additional 3 meetings that were cancelled) out of the last 10 General Membership Meetings between September 2019 and June 2020.

New Eligible members are in bold.

Vivian A, Ferdinand A. Laxman A,

Norbert A. Heidi A. Donald B.

Barry Belland, Rizaldo B, Barry Benoit,

Roy B. Sherry B, Elizabeth B,

Edgardo C. Terry D. Roger D

Roland E, Rodel F. Ronald F.

Gord F, Neil G. Abner G,

Marlon G. Adonis G, Gary H

Huu H. Luz J, Arif K.

Liza L, Liwayway L

Sheila M, Ed M. Mario M.

Shirley M, Crizaldo N. Clarissa O

Mario P, Mary P. Nestor P.

Freddie P. Maria R. Rob R,

Shamin R. Diane R. Cindy S.

Pete T, Stacey T, Olinda V.

John V Gary W, Dorothy W,

Questions or concerns are always welcome through the office. Stay safe, Jv

The Executive Board has made a decision on how the Local will conduct elections in a pandemic environment.

  • Elections would occur every Friday starting July 17 ( Up to August 21) at the 474 Union office, from 7 AM to 7 PM in the following order;
    • Executive Vice President July 17, 2020  ( 50% meeting criteria)
    • Treasurer July 24, 2020  ( 50% meeting criteria)
    • Chief Shop Steward July 31, 2020  ( 50% meeting criteria)
    • Executive Board Member ( 3 positions) August 7, 2020  (1 year service + good standing criteria)
    • Trustee (3 year) August 14, 2020 (1 year service + good standing criteria)
    • GVP, 3 positions  ( Pending member survey) OFSS< SA< & EPS August 21, 2020  (1 year service + good standing criteria)
  • There would be an “election officer” scheduled to count the ballots as soon as possible after the election is over.
  • Scrutineers are OK, you would have to let the office know you want one, the office would arrange to notify the scrutineer.  Their job would be to watch the ballot box become unsealed and ballots counted.
  • Nominations (sent to cupe474@gmail.com), are open and will have to be submitted to the office electronically prior to 3 PM the Wednesday before any election with;
    • Full name of the member that is nominating.
    • Full name of member being nominated.
    • Position or positions that the member is nominated for.  (A nomination could be accepted for a person to let their name stand for more than one position)
  • The office would contact those that are nominated and ask if they want their name to stand.
  • A list of Nominated peoples’ names would be on the website and on Facebook.  You would also see the nominees when you came to the office to vote.
  • Results of elections would be published on the website and on Facebook page by the Tuesday after each election.
  • If there is a tie vote for any position, we would have no other option other than to have another election for that position, on a different day that has yet to be determined.
  • You do not have to be in town to be nominated, however, you do have to be in town (in person) to vote.

CUPE Local 474 is comprised of Edmonton Public School Custodial Workers, Operation Friendship Senior Society Workers, Salvation Army Addictions and Residential Centre Workers, Alberta Workers Health Centre Workers, Public Interest Alberta Workers and Friends of Medicare Workers.

Cupe Local 474 will bargain and negotiate with our employers for and on behalf of all employees under the Union’s jurisdiction so that we secure the best possible pay, benefits, working conditions, job security, pensions and retiree benefits for our members..