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April 8, 2021

If you are looking for a jacket order form, you can download it from “the bulletin” or contact the office and we will send it to you.

The Critical Workers Benefit is designed to exclude some of our people.  The UCP finds a way to try and divide us by deciding who does not qualify for the benefit.  We will be joining our affiliates in the labour movement to let the UCP know how our members are feeling abut being excluded.  Your Union is encouraging you to also reach out and let them know how badly they handled this program.  Their email is cwb@gov.ab.ca the phone number for the Minister of Education is 780 427 5010

CUPE is advocating for all members to receive the critical care workers benefit.  We know that it was the UCP Government that made the decision to exclude some of our members.  We asked the Employer if we had the ability to decrease everyone’s payment a little so that we could have all our members receive some money.  The Government told our Employer, no,  that could not happen.  

We will be working with our National office to develop a campaign to bring attention to this. 

Your Executive are advocating for more supports from our Government to support your work as safely as possible.   We are not alone in this work, we are in this struggle together with CUPE AB Division, CUPE National, as well as the Alberta Federation of Labour.

The Union is you, and all your brothers sisters and friends working together in solidarity to face our challenges.  If you need support, we will provide it.

We ask our members to keep their guard up against this virus and to continue to provide the great public services that we provide.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact your office.

John Vradenburgh

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CUPE Local 474 is comprised of Edmonton Public School Custodial Workers, Operation Friendship Senior Society Workers, Salvation Army Addictions and Residential Centre Workers, Alberta Workers Health Centre Workers, Public Interest Alberta Workers and Friends of Medicare Workers.

Cupe Local 474 will bargain and negotiate with our employers for and on behalf of all employees under the Union’s jurisdiction so that we secure the best possible pay, benefits, working conditions, job security, pensions and retiree benefits for our members..