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August 27, 2021

Election season is upon us.

It is going to get confusing this fall. We have a Federal Election on September 20, then on October 18, we elect our Mayor, Councillors and School Trustees. This year, with the Provincial government inserting itself into the decision making processes of School Boards, who we elect as our Public School Board Trustees could have a profound effect on our jobs. In other words, it is vital that you vote this year.

Our Political Action Team sent out a survey to candidates seeking their opinions on things that are relevant to our concerns, such as contracting out, square footage formulas and mechanical responsibilities. We also collaborated with the Edmonton District Labor Council to gain their opinions on the candidates with more generalized questions about supporting workers.

After careful consideration, we have determined the following candidates would best represent our needs. Be certain that we are NOT telling you who to vote for. We are simply offering our carefully considered opinion.

Ward A – Sherri O’Keefe or Belen Samual

Ward B – Marsha Nelson or Keltie Marshall

Ward C – Marsha Hole

Ward D – Trisha Estabrooks

Ward E – Rebecca Graff-McRae

Ward F – Julie Kuziek

Ward G – Saadiq Sumar

Ward H – Nathan Ip

Ward I – Jan Sawyer or Emily MacKenzie


If you want more information on what a Trustee does, follow this link.  https://epsb.ca/ourdistrict/board/about/

If you are unsure of your Ward, follow this link 


If you’d like more information, email PAC@cupe474.com


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CUPE Local 474 is comprised of Edmonton Public School Custodial Workers, Operation Friendship Senior Society Workers, Salvation Army Addictions and Residential Centre Workers, Alberta Workers Health Centre Workers, Public Interest Alberta Workers and Friends of Medicare Workers.

Cupe Local 474 will bargain and negotiate with our employers for and on behalf of all employees under the Union’s jurisdiction so that we secure the best possible pay, benefits, working conditions, job security, pensions and retiree benefits for our members..